Saurav Sachidanand

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I'm a computer science undergrad from Bangalore. I'm interested in operating systems, networks, and programming languages.


  • Google Summer of Code 2017 Built a performance instrumentation library in Rust for exporting PCP-type metrics in the MMV (memory mapped values) binary format. Integrated MMV's metrics with Rust's built-in types to enforce metric type safety at compile-time, and eliminate cost of runtime type-checking while updating a generic metric object.


  • Stanford Pintos Implemented core operating system features that include priority thread scheduling with inversion w.r.t mutexes, advanced MLFQ scheduling, user processes with POSIX-like system calls, virtual memory with demand paging, page swapping using LRU-based eviction, and memory-mapped files.
  • astro-rust Built a fairly vast library of astronomical algorithms in Rust. Wrote extensive tests and documentation. Starred 60+ times on Github.
  • CBOR.jl Built a Julia serialisation library for the CBOR (binary JSON) format. Enabled encoding of user-defined types using Julia's reflection feature. Enabled encoding of indefinite length maps, strings, arrays using producer functions.
  • proplib-lua Built a Lua API to NetBSD's proplib for handling property lists
  • hypervisor-rs Built a Rust API to the OS X Hypervisor framework for hardware-accelerated virtualization
  • nfd-rs Built a Rust API to nativefiledialog for opening cross-platform file dialogs